Introducing The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top in any Sales Industry


Over the past 15 years, I’ve dedicated my career to being a great salesman, as well as being a mentor and coach to sales people looking to achieve greatness in their own careers. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the best sales people on the planet. That experience has been invaluable, and it has allowed me to build the skills and habits necessary to achieve multiple President’s Club awards and be one of the quickest ever inducted into my first company’s Hall of Fame.

Most importantly, my success in sales, as both a salesman and a sales leader, has made me a better person, and it’s allowed me to create an amazing lifestyle for me and my family.

What most people don’t know about my sales career is I didn’t get off to a very great start. In fact, I was awful.

After not selling anything for my first 12 appointments and no leads to work with, I was extremely frustrated and ready to quit. It seemed like it was impossible, and I was ready to listen to my friends, who thought I was better-suited to be a high school principal than a salesman.

As I looked back through my training notes, I couldn’t help but zero in on the success stories my manager kept telling us of other reps who were achieving great results with the company. Suddenly, it became obvious to me.

Instead of looking for every reason in the world why I wouldn’t be successful in sales, I needed to look at those who were, find out what they were doing, and take those same actions.

And that’s what I did.

In my new book, The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top in any Sales Industry, I tell the whole story. Also, I reveal the 5 best-practices and habits displayed by ALL top sales people. It’s a quick read, and I hope you find it fun, useful, and inspiring.

To order your copy, click here. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle. Once you read it, please leave a review on

Enjoy, and Happy Selling!!!

Bret Barrie was a Hall-of-Fame and Presidents’ Club-winning sales rep and is a top-producing sales leader in the medical device industry. He is also the author of The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top in any Sales Industry. A baseball enthusiast and fitness junkie, he is happily married with three children and lives in the greater Sacramento area. For more information, visit

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  1. Justin L Upchurch says:

    Just ordered on Amazon. Looking forward to a good read!


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