Reading List: January 2018

Q9KNRI9EU2Here are the books I read in January of 2018, along with key learnings and takeaways from each:

1. Sapiens – by Yuval Noah Hurari

I’m not usually a big reader of these types of science and history books, but I picked it up because I read that a bunch of smart people were raving about it (Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Tim Ferriss, to name a few). It’s a very interesting read, focusing mainly on the three key revolutions that have shaped the globe, and it also outlines how humans have essentially taken over the planet, essentially bucking the whole natural selection process.

2. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual – by Jocko Willink

After reading Jocko Willink’s first book, Extreme Ownership, and hearing him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, I’ve started following his work. The former NAVY SEAL commander of Task Unit Bruiser, which included American Sniper Chris Kyle, has a way of putting words on a page where when your alarm goes off in the morning, you feel compelled to wake up and get moving. Highly recommend this book!

3. Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life’s Storms – by Tim Tebow

Santa brought me this book :), and I’m glad he did. I’ve never thought Tim Tebow could be a starting NFL quarterback, but I’ve always respected him as a person, especially for how he uses his platform to give back to those less fortunate. In his new book, he tells the stories of how he was cut from each of the NFL teams he’s played on, and how he’s continued to push through and work toward his goals. After you read this book, you’ll feel like stepping up your game as a human being.

4. The Magnolia Story – by Chip & Joanna Gaines (with Mark Dagostino)

One of my goals this year is to read more about fascinating people. My wife has watched the show Fixer Upper for several years now, which means I’ve also watched the show for several years. In a world where no one seems to be who they portray in public, I guarantee Chip and Joanna Gaines are different. I’d put money on it that what you see on that show is what you get. I wouldn’t ordinarily read this type of book, but it was a great read, and their story is unbelievably inspiring.

5. The American Jubilee – by Porter Stansberry

For those not familiar with him, Porter Stansberry is a highly controversial financial investor and publisher. He claims to have predicted the market crash of 2008, as well as other market fluctuations over the years. In this book, he predicts that America is on the verge of a severe market crash, specifically due to the debt to income ratio and pattern that exists in our lower and middle classes today. Although it’s a pretty depressing book to read, he does offer some good investing tips for positioning yourself well for the next market correction. If you can get through the doomsday overtone, it contains some solid advice.

Book Goal in 2018: 50

Progress after January: 5/50 (10%)

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