The Best Part about Writing Books

The best part about writing books…

For me, it’s the people I’ve been able to connect with along the way.

Throughout the past several months, I’ve gotten better-acqainted with and met some people I never thought in a million years I would.

One of those people is Mareo McCracken.

Mareo and I have followed each other on LinkedIn for a few years now, and before me writing my new book, we’d had only a modest amount of interaction.

But Mareo and I have a lot in common. We both have families we’re incredibly devoted to and prioritize life around, we both are leaders in the medtech space, and we both like fitness. 

We each share a lot on LinkedIn, are published authors, and we also enjoy learning from good books as well.

When I originally reached out to Mareo and asked if he’d review and potentially provide an endorsement for my book, I thought it was a longshot. But I did anyways.

He’s a busy guy, so I didn’t know if he’d have the time, or if he’d even be willing to take the time and effort of reading it.

He’s also a published author himself and well-connected to several of the household names of sales training gurus we all have grown up following. So I also didn’t know if he’d think it was any good.

When I got this review back, I was floored.

I was also incredibly grateful and humbled that someone at his level had this to say about my book.

That’s also the minute I knew my new book was going to be well received.

Mareo- thank you again for all your support and for putting your name on my work. It means the world to me.

The book launches on Tuesday. Time to make a splash and teach people how to get that promotion they’ve always wanted!

Click on the link in my bio to order your copy today!

Bret Barrie was a Hall-of-Fame and President’s Club-winning sales rep and has been a top-producing sales leader in multiple industries. He is also the author of The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top in any Sales Industry. His newest book, Promoted: The Proven Path to Career Advancement, is available now. A baseball enthusiast and fitness junkie, he is happily married with three children and lives in the greater Sacramento area. For more information, visit

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