Welcome, and thank you for visiting my page!

I’m a devoted husband and father of three, a life-long salesman with a passion for closing deals, and a baseball enthusiast.

Throughout my 18-year sales career, I’ve seen it all. I’ve sold my way to the top of a couple different companies, earning a Hall of Fame induction and several awards, including President’s Club.

I’ve also fallen flat on my face more times than I can count.

The late business philosopher Jim Rohn used to say, “Formal education will make you a living. Self education will earn you a fortune.” I’ve been blessed by both throughout my career, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication as well as an MBA. However, I’ve learned even more from mentors, books, seminars, podcasts, and several other sources.

My mission is simple: I will share with you tips, tricks, and actions you can take IMMEDIATELY to grow your business and have fun doing it!