The Selling Edge: How to Reach the Top in any Sales Industry


There’s no such thing as a natural-born salesman. Schools don’t teach effective sales training or the ability to influence a person’s decision-making process. Very few people graduate college with the intention of getting into sales. However, sales is where many people end up.

Once you’re in the sales industry, you’ll find yourself competing against highly skilled salespeople with years of experience. This doesn’t have to be your experience. With proper direction and daily practice, not only can you find tremendous success in sales, but you can also love it!

In The Selling Edge, I will teach you how to:

  • Collaborate with mentors for continued success and improvement
  • Build strong connections and gain the trust of customers and prospects instantly
  • Work your plan without letting your plan work you
  • Identify, access, and influence key decision makers in every sale
  • Develop top-notch selling skills to grow your business

Whether you’re new to sales and looking to get off to a strong start, or you’ve been selling for years and want to improve your skills or learn better habits, this book is for you!

It’s available in paperback and Kindle. Just click here.